Canberra’s top fivers

Canberra – Australia’s capital. The city of mouth-watering restaurants, foggy mornings, and chic hotels. This vast bushland has many attributes that make it an amazing place to visit and live. Have a read below of the top five places to go for different scenarios. Views from the 6 If you’re looking for a scenic place […]

Five tax return tips

I sat down with our Accounts Team this morning to get some tips on how to best complete your tax return. Check out some of them below: Receipts – Collect all of your receipts from work-related purchases throughout the year. It will be easier to remember what you need to claim back and provide your […]

Canberra Edition – Top 3 places to take your kids these school holidays

Were you one of those lucky parents to score 2 weeks off to “look after” your kids this school holidays?? No need to brag.. I love hanging out with my kids, I love seeing their reaction to a new place, or “adventure” we’re going on.. I’m lucky, my kiddies are 18 months and 4 years […]

DJ Rille’s top songs for your working day

In our office, we have a couple of people who are the DJ’s for the day. Typically it’s themed; we do people’s birth years, certain genres and artists, but it’s always good to get a mix of music. Do you need some new tunes to get you through the working day? Follow along with your new […]

Five lessons to take away from movies

Job interviews can be rough, so it would make sense that they’re represented in movies. In true dramatic fashion, they’re a bit more interesting than normal, everyday interviews. Below are some of my favourite examples of what some good and bad interviews can look like. This may help next time you’re in an interview! The […]

Dana’s Voicemail Masterclass

One day (not too long ago might I mention), I was sitting in the office – doing some general admin work. My colleagues and I randomly started discussing the topic of voicemail recordings, the good, the bad; the do’s and the don’ts. Funnily enough, my boss… the CEO of the company… Decided to ring my […]

A Mum’s Guide to Winter Motivation

Follow along for my guide on staying motivated during Winter, as a full-time Mummy, Wifey, Cleaner, Chef, Taxi-Driver and Recruiter! Struggling with motivation this Winter? Photos blu-tak’d everywhere reminding you of your 5 year ago summer body which you WILL achieve this year? Post-it notes stuck on all the foods in your fridge you should […]

Get up, get active

When asked why people don’t exercise, often you will hear the phrase “I just don’t have time or there isn’t enough time in a day”. This doesn’t have to be the case when working long hours. The Australian Burden of Disease Study released in November 2017 states that 2.6% of total disease burden in Australia […]

Handshakes to Avoid

Touchy feely? It happens to everyone; you meet a perfectly nice person for the first time and offer the universally accepted social gesture to shake their hand. Before you know it you’re unpleasantly affected by the poor hand to hand connection and you’re put off before you’ve even begun talking. The reality of job interviews […]