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New Year, New…..Benefits?

Yeah, I know, the catch phrase is new year, new me and I realise it usually applys calendar year and not financial year. But that’s not what my blog is about, so I thought a heading that captured the blog would be more pertinent. I guess what I really want to get across in this article is some of my observations surrounding the value added benefits that apply to Contractors and Casual employees.

Recently starting a new role myself within a boutique family owned recruitment firm Effective People, and coming from outside of industry, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world (try saying that without singing the Aladdin song….yes I’m a Disney buff). Recently at work we have been discussing how to best provide our candidates and current casual employees with more than just great service. So the question was put to me “What do our contractors really want”? This prompted us to evaluate our current service offering. So with help from our Payroll provider PayMe we created a list of the things we feel are valuable to our potential candidates and current employees. This list included;

  1. The ability to ‘bank’ their hours in order to use them for a holiday or to sustain themselves in between contracts
  2. The ability to have a no frills and easy to apply salary sacrifice avenue for certain items that are of importance to them
  3. A way to take on a contract that saw them away from home and family and still having applicable benefits
  4. An interconnected system that opened up avenues to various offerings through partner programs, like novated leasing etc.

In the end we took a look at the whiteboard and realised that with our current tailored offering for our contracts we are sitting in a really great space, we have created an offering of benefits that I personally wasn’t aware could be applied to our contractors.

Whilst I believe that the true reason people choose recruitment firms is based on a solid relationship and candidate first approach. I guess it also helps to be able to assist our contractors outside of their contracts also. Creating a list of added benefits that see them maintaining a happy life balance almost acts like a cherry on top of the cake!

So if you want to know more please reach out, If you need me, I will be the one in the corner with my head buried my head In our ‘Book of Benefits’ to see how I can apply our services to our current employees.   

Rachel Ferrin
Recruitment Consultant

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