Canberra Edition – Top 3 places to take your kids these school holidays

Were you one of those lucky parents to score 2 weeks off to “look after” your kids this school holidays?? No need to brag..

I love hanging out with my kids, I love seeing their reaction to a new place, or “adventure” we’re going on.. I’m lucky, my kiddies are 18 months and 4 years old, so anywhere I take them it’s a holiday. Go Mum!

Anyway, as I was saying – get your kids out of the house this holidays! Play-doh is so last year, and talk about messy! There’s plenty of options in different price ranges; and I promise your kiddies will be so elated they might even clean their room! (HA!)

So, follow along for my top 3 locations to check out with the kiddies this school holidays.

The Arboretum

Have you been to The Arboretum? It is gorgeous! Talk about photo opp

This is a place to take your kiddies, young and old, and it’s free! You can explore the forests or take them to the amazing park on site; as my son likes to call it “the pine cone park” I have tried to explain that they’re actually acorns… but you know how 4 year old’s can be.

Inside the acorns there are some amazing real “mummified” bugs, topsy turvy tunnels, slides, spider web swings and heaps of interesting things the kids will love! There are awesome instrumental toys that makes sounds like a storm (thunder, rain, hail) and “termite hills” with caves and tunnels –very cool stuff!

The café serves delicious food and there are some gorgeous sights of our beautiful Canberra. You’d be surprised what else is on offer; so check it out!


I don’t think you could ever get sick of Questacon, whether you’re young or old.

This place constantly amazes me and I still learn something new every time I go. It can be fun for the little ones and definitely give them some WOW moments, but it’s something that the whole family can enjoy.

A family pass will only cost you $70 (for 2 adults and 3 kids!) and it includes free admission to many of the amazing science shows they have going on all the time! There is an awesome area called miniQ which is specific for children under 6 so Questacon is definitely the place to go if you have kids of different ages!

It’s open daily and I strongly encourage you to take the kids there – perhaps you (or your kids!) will have fun AND learn something new!

Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre

Friday night disco anyone?! You know you want too! I’m actually thinking about going myself, so you might see me there – I’ll be the professional doing twirls in the corner (NOT)!

But seriously; if you haven’t gotten down there, make the trip! It is so fun, for kids and adults and they have school holiday programs! Have you heard of Broomball? It doesn’t require skating skills as it is played in sneakers; very cool. You are provided with protective equipment and it is supervised – so don’t worry parents!

The skating rink isn’t too expensive and I can assure you that it is something the kids will love! We don’t really get snow here in Canberra, so it will always be a novel experience.

But don’t forget to dress warm, this is no time to show off your legs!

I hope you have some ideas for the kids in Canberra this holidays – if you have any other recommendations please message us on our Facebook page!

Author: Emily Walsh

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